“We believe in long-term cooperation.”

We are a company located in Southern Estonia, which has been dealing with berries and mushrooms for 8 years. Over the years, we gained a lot of knowledge and experience in handling berries and mushrooms. We are committed to sustainable management and want to be able to enjoy the benefits of pure nature for future generations.
We believe in recycling and always take back the plastic boxes previously shipped with our produce so that they can be re-used after careful cleaning..
We stock the produce mainly from our company’s operating area in order to limit the impact of CO2 emissions from our machines and to support good South Estonian pickers offering them a decent pay.

“We work hard to keep our customers happy.”

We deal in wholesale of fresh and frozen berries and mushrooms. Our sales hits are Estonian chanterelles, blueberries and cranberries. Frozen berries and mushrooms come from the pure nature of Estonia, Scandinavia and the Baltics. Frozen products are assigned different quality grades.
We offer our customers a wide range of fresh and frozen berries and mushrooms. For us, dealing with berries and mushrooms means that quality products must reach our customers quickly and regularly. We find sustainable and fast solutions for both retail and wholesale of berries and mushrooms.
For retail packaging, we work with a variety of product designers and sustainable packaging companies.