Cranberries Vaccinium oxycoccos

We deal in wholesale of fresh and frozen berries and mushrooms. Our sales hits are Estonian chanterelles, blueberries and cranberries. Frozen berries and mushrooms come from the pure nature of Estonia, Scandinavia and the Baltics. Frozen products are assigned different quality grades. We offer our customers a wide range of fresh and frozen berries and mushrooms. For us, dealing with berries and mushrooms means that quality products must reach our customers quickly and regularly.

Range of products

Cranberry picking begins in September. The fresh cranberry season ends in November. Frozen cranberries can be ordered all year round. Our cranberries are hand-picked from the clean bogs of Southern and Central Estonia. Fortunately, Estonia has a lot of marshland, with bogs making up 22% of the total area of the country. Cranberries are particularly useful for the heart and the immune system.
Fresh produce

Season: September-November

Frozen produce

Available throughout a year

In terms of packaging, we respect customer wishes and we are flexible. We help the customer to find the best packaging according to the product and sales strategy. Customer satisfaction is important to us.

For wholesales we pack berries in cardboard boxes (5 kg) and mushrooms in plastic boxes (2.5 kg). Wholesale packages for frozen produce are paper bags containing 25 or 40 kg of berries or mushrooms. We also offer 1 kg retail packages (10 pieces per box).